Bookmarks, Notes and More always by your side!

Why use Boonote?

is the fastest way to save links and notes and take them with you wherever you go, with all your device, computer, tablet, phone or other.

Always by your side!
The concept is simple and fast to use like no other!!
"One page to rule them all!" - bookmarks and notes in a page for fast access it!

Unlimited bookmarks organized in one level folder, easy to manage and delete.
An easy notes service, organized in the same way, to copy and past texts from the website and more, as quickly as possible!

BooNote is your new home page of all your device, with a search bar connected with your favourite search engine (you can choose it in the user setting page!) and many colors to personalize it!

Don't forget, BooNote is free!
Just a minute to create a new account and start to use it!

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