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News: First reviews e comments!

One week ago opened his services to the web. Thanks to those have writed us and on us. Here some of this comments.

"BooNote is a simple service that you and your students can start using in minutes. Getting students to use an online bookmarking service is particularly important if your students have to rely on using public computer labs to do their work. By saving their notes and bookmarks online students can access their information from any computer."
(Richard Byrne)

"I like the easy mobile access!" (JasonLobdell via Twitter)

"Great job so far!" (W.Young)

"A great service, thank you! It is easy to use and helps me as I usually have to work from two computers. I appreciate your service." (Rick)

"BooNote is sure not to get in the way of your browsing - it will only complement and maximize it." (KillerStartups)

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(April 22, 2011)

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