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Help and F.A.Q.

- Can i sort my bookmarks or notes?
Bookmarks and notes are automatic listed in alphabetic order. Instead the Folders can be ordered with a numeric value in the folder setting (clicking on [+] at the side of the folder's name).

- How many color i can choose for my account at this moment?
Now the available colors are 16! Here the news with all the new entry!

- What search engine i can use in BooNote?
The available search engine are: Altavista, Ask, Bing, Google and Yahoo. Suggest us other s.e. you like and will be added!

- Can i change my username?
No! Isn't possible change the username.

- Can i change my password?
Yes! Go in the "setting" section of your BooNote page and change it. Then you must login again.

- I lost username/password, can i recover it?
Yes! just go in our "recover page" [click here].

- Can i share bookmarks and notes?
Yes! you find the icon on the bookmark's setting () or on the bottom of the page when you edit the notes.

- Can i make a backup of my bookmarks?
Yes! go on the user setting (click on at the side of your username). At the bottom of this page you find "Bookmarks Backup" button.

- Can i delete my account?
Yes, if you want to do this just write us in "Contact Us" page!

If you need help you can write us in "Contact Us" page!

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